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Modern restorative dentistry Medellín Colombia.

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Our philosophy is built on the basis that patient’s needs, and we mean a person with their own personality, concerns, feelings and beliefs, are the purpose of what we do.

Dental care is a sensitive issue for many people. We are aware that for the most of the human race, from the days of Adam and Eve (chuckles), a tooth ache has been a situation not that easy to deal with.

Believe it or not, I´m a patient myself (I’m Dr. Camilo Aguirre) and I’ve been laying down in that dental chair looking at the ceiling and wandering: how’s this gonna go?

We believe that the wellbeing of our patients will mean the wellbeing of ourselves. It´s that simple.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Top University training.
  2. Patient based philosophy. This means to practice sensibility in every procedure carried out.
  3. Great value (means we price our service lower than most professionals in our category, but offer more comfort and excellent equipment and resources)
  4. Countless patients, countless patients and countless hours of learning and feeding back has truly paid off.
  5. Cultural knowledge. We´ve had the privilege of serving people from such diverse backgrounds as a Canadian minister, an Italian business woman or a New Yorker corporate consultant.
  6. Yes, we speak English. English speaking dentist in Medellin Colombia?
  7. We´ll squeeze you in. In a hurry for a dental treatment? No problem, we will move things around to make an opening for you so, no worries.
  8. There’s a couple more reasons to choose dental Medellin Dr. camilo Aguirre but then you’ll think I’m just bragging, so let’s leave it at that.

Dental Medellin dentist, english speaking dentist medellin colombia

We have been recommended by many patients visiting us for dental bridges, crowns, cosmetic dentistry and adult dental care to patients looking for dental treatment in medellin colombia.   

We are located at:  Palms Ave Mall Office 330,  Las Palmas Road, Medellín Colombia.

Appointments can be scheduled over the internet through this contact form, or through Whatsapp: Whatsapp #: (57) 300.700. 8281    Dr. Camilo Aguirre

You have nothing to lose. Ask for a free consultation and get to know us.

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