Complete dentures types of dentures

compplete dentures types of dentures

Complete dentures

Types of Dentures: complete dentures

compplete dentures types of dentures
compplete dentures types of dentures
Complete dentures can be described as a prosthetic device that simulates the dental arches with their complete set of teeth, created individually to replace function and anatomical needs in persons whose teeth have been extracted due to different pathologies or damage.

Dentures can be used to replace segments of lost teeth where remaining teeth are in place and can serve as support for the denture; these are partial dentures, as opposed to complete dentures, used when there are no remaining teeth in the mouth.

Bone loss or periodontal disease can result in tooth loss. Other causes for tooth loss are tooth decay, physical or mechanical trauma, post cancer treatment, or pathologies of the maxillary bones.

When one or more teeth are lost, is very important to replace them restoring the integrity of the denture.

We can design dentures, both partial dentures or complete dentures for specific conditions, needs and personal preferences.

Dentures are rigid structures that must fit as close as possible to the gum tissues and remaining teeth.

Every individual case is different as two persons are different from each other.

Some cases are easy to solve, some cases represent bigger challenges.

As dentists specialized in dentures we always strive to achieve basic goals: restore anatomy, restore function and restore esthetics all with the best possible comfort. I will add another goal: to restore self-confidence.

The final result of complete dentures must be very similar in appearance to natural teeth.

Complete dentures are made from variations of plastic materials.

Plastic materials to make complete dentures are polymers or acrylics, which offer several advantages but also a few disadvantages.

Advantages of plastic materials for complete dentures can be resumed like this:

Light weight.

Easy to mold.


Esthetic results.

Low cost compared with other dental materials.

Relative resistance to impact.

Resistance to abrasion.

Biologically inert.

Physical stability.

Thermal stability.

Choose a Dentist for Dentures

Complete dentures require a big deal of experience from your dentist. Achieving success in the application of dentures as solution for patients who have lost their natural teeth demands a high level of training and experience.

Have a good talk with your dentist about the procedure, conditions and details of a complete denture plan.  Make sure you understand all the implications, alternatives and expected results.

complete dentures affordable dentures Medellin Colombia
Complete dentures affordable dentures Medellin Colombia

Complete denture Costs

Cost of dentures as with every dental procedure, depends on several factors:

The possible requirement of an additional procedure such as extractions of remaining teeth or oral surgery to refine bony ridges.

A prosthodontist specializes in crafting dentures and may charge more for his services.

The location of the dentist.

The complexity of the removable denture that is required.

Dental material to construct the dentures, and type of teeth selected. For more esthetic, more resistant materials like highly cross linked polymer the cost of dentures increase around 35% to 50%.

When using conventional plastic teeth the cost can decrease.

Partial dentures in some types may be constructed over a metal frame. When using metal the cost increases too.

Some dentists offer warranty. Typically a warranty goes from one year to two.

Plastic Complete dentures can cost around $600 to $800.

Plus value features like top material teeth can add some $200 to the final cost of dentures.

Complete dentures can be made in an average of 5 appointments. Extra appointments can be needed for adjustment, and this is to be expected in every case to ensure the final fitting of the complete dentures in mouth will be the most comfortable possible, and the biting contacts are correct.

Sometimes the possibility of requiring oral surgery is another factor to consider in the cost of complete dentures. This may be surgery of the gum tissue when it is flappy or we find excess tissue.

When tooth extraction is needed, also the cost may add some $35 to $40 per tooth to be extracted.

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Complete dentures types of dentures

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