Dental crown Medellin Colombia, tooth crown Medellin

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Dental crown Medellin Colombia, dental-bridge medellin colombiadental crowns Medellin english speaking dentist medellin

Dental crown Medellin Colombia, tooth crown Medellin

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What is a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a custom-made structure that simulates a tooth in its shape, color and size. A dental crown is placed on the existing natural tooth after it’s been prepared and strengthen to replace the natural tooth crown.

If the root of the tooth is healthy and strong enough it can be used to seat the dental crown on and bond it to it with a dental cement, resembling in everything the original tooth.

Dental crowns are the best choice in many cases when the natural tooth has been weakened beyond the possibility to be restored with bonding materials, and is no longer structurally fit to endure the forces and work required in everyday function. The structural damage of teeth  can be as a result of, tooth decay, trauma,  root canal treatment performed on the tooth,  wear  by abrasion caused by bruxism or over biting of the dental tissue.

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Dental crown Medellin Colombia

dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crowns are used to bring back to the tooth or a segment of the denture the necessary strength, esthetics, durability and tooth stability.

There are also esthetic considerations to select dental crowns as the option to restore the natural appearance of a tooth damaged in different ways.

Dental crowns are often required when a tooth has been extracted and the missing tooth must be replaced to fill the space replacing the tooth, this time in a dental bridge consisting of the tooth crown to be replaced and attaching crowns that fit in the adjacent teeth to hold it. We talk in detail about dental bridges in other articles.

A dental crown can also be used as an esthetic solution to improve the appearance of the front teeth, the more esthetic sensitive segment of the mouth to achieve the natural smile effect desired.

Dental crowns can also be a suitable solution when treating chipped or broken teeth, stained, pathologically pigmented teeth, discolored teeth or to mold the shape of a tooth that has suffered strong abrasion.

Dental crowns are constructed individually for each patient to fit its characteristics, and built to reconstruct the appearance and form of existing teeth.

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