Dental Services

Dental Services we offer at Dental Medellín:

Cosmetic Adhesive dentistry:

Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Design

Replacement of dental amalgams (metal fillings) for aesthetic resin tooth-color fillings

Oral rehabilitation:

Dental crowns. Porcelain dental crowns, latest generation porcelain dental crowns

Porcelain fixed dental bridge

Removable dental prosthesis, removable dental prosthesis flexible bridges with the latest techniques

Complete dentures


Root canal treatment

Oral surgery wisdom tooth removal under oral sedation

Periodontics treatment of alveolar bone and gums

Treatment of bruxism and TMJ problems

dental crown Medellin Colombia, dental-bridge medellin colombia

dental crown Medellin Colombia, dental-bridge medellin Colombia

Dental crowns  tooth crowns Medellin.

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