Affordable Dental care in Medellin

Affordable Dental care in Medellin Colombia

40% lower cost than average in high quality dental care in Medellin Colombia.

Affordable Dental care in Medellin
Affordable Dental care in Medellin

This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and informative in seeking Affordable Dental care in Medellin Colombia.

We know dental care can be really costly, specially in some countries like the United states and Western Europe where some health procedures often are beyond the reach of a large population.

Dental Medellin provides quality dental care for patients coming from many countries. Our goal in Affordable Dental care in Medellin Colombia, is to offer the most appropriate solutions to people with complex dental problems and needs.

We base our practice in humane, ethical and professional principles, making specialized dental care affordable for most people.

It takes a highly trained and vastly experienced professional in order to lower costs while maintaining the highest standards in quality that guarantees the best possible results in any dental treatment.

Over twenty years of successful private practice at our dental office in Medellin Colombia, Dr. Camilo Aguirre and his colleagues are dedicated to providing the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

Part of our commitment with Affordable Dental care in Medellin, serving our patients in our near Poblado office, includes providing detailed information to help them make more informed decisions about dental treatments and their oral health needs, with affordable dental options.

We also encourage you to contact us for information on dental procedures and treatment options to discover why we are one of the best options for affordable Dental care in Medellin Colombia.

Whether your dental needs are a complete examdental implantsa full-mouth dental restoration, or anything in between, our office in Medellin Colombia  promises to provide you with exceptional and affordable dental care as we replace lost teeth, restore function and enhance your dental aesthetics.

Here are just some of the many dental procedures and services in Medellín that we regularly provide to our patients:

Emergency dentistry for tooth Pain.

Porcelain Veneers.

Zirconia veneers.

Dental Implants.

Porcelain crowns and metal free crowns.

Affordable Dentures.

White fillings.

Fixed Bridges.

Fixed Implant Dentures.

Teeth Whitening.

Root Canal Treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions.

Oral surgery.

Gum and bone treatment

Is our guarantee that we offer affordable dental care as lower as 40% compared to clinics and dental offices in Medellin Colombia.

You CAN Afford a Beautiful Smile and Healthy Teeth

  • Call us for a FREE consultation and evaluation of the health of your teeth and gums. We take time to explain your options and your treatment.
  • After your initial appointment, we will work together to create a plan to correct any problems and get your teeth and gums healthy in a timeframe that works for you and your budget. We listen to your concerns and focus treatment based on your needs.
  • We always propose flexible dental treatment plans with different options, to make them affordable to almost every one.
  • We work hard to keep our fees lower than the average in Medellin Colombia, for the quality care you will receive from us.
  • We are always available for our patients so we can answer any concerns. You can always reach us.

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Dental bridge porcelain zirconium Medellin Colombia



Dental bridge porcelain zirconium Medellin Colombia
Dental bridge porcelain zirconium Medellin Colombia

Zirconium Dental Restorations offer several innovative systems for aesthetic crowns and bridges without metal.

The reliability of zirconium restorations in the various alternatives developed by European laboratories such as Cercon and Procera is backed by years of proven clinical success. The innovative system based on a zirconia structure is used to manufacture individual units (teeth) anterior or molar, as well as restorations of bridges of multiple units in zirconia.

The advantages of zirconium dental bridges are multiple: We can create dental bridges with translucent appearance similar to natural teeth, allow a high precision in the final result with better adaptation, is bio-compatible, does not suffer the possible fracture failure of Porcelain on metal that is sometimes seen on porcelain bridges over metal, and is the most durable and durable dental ceramic.

Zirconium dental bridges can be placed with conventional cementing or bonding techniques. Millions of units have been placed around the world since its introduction. Our digital design and milling system results in excellent fit and marginal accuracy for restorations such as zirconium dental bridges.

The clinical performance of zirconia molar crowns was superior to all other tooth-colored materials studied by several research studies over the course of a decade. Based on scanning electron microcoscope (SEM), clinical and laboratory examinations performed three-and-a-half years after placement, zirconia crowns and bridges exhibited excellent adaptation to tissues, resistance to stress and wear.

We are specialists in oral rehabilitation, zirconium dental bridges with the latest technology.

Dental bridge in zirconium in Medellín, contact the specialist:

english speaking dentist medellin colombia, dental medellin doctor

English speaking dentist Medellín Colombia

Dental Medellín Dr. camilo Aguirre english speaking dentist Medellín Colombia.

Dr. Camilo Aguirre specialist in oral rehabilitation for adults from Universidad de Antioquia, top latin Américan University, pioneer and leader in health care sciences.

english speaking dentist medellin colombia, dental medellin doctor
english speaking dentist medellin colombia, dental medellin doctor

Our philosophy is built on the basis that patient’s needs, and we mean a person with their own personality, concerns, feelings and beliefs, are the purpose of what we do.

Dental care is a sensitive issue for many people. We are aware that for the most of the human race, from the days of Adam and Eve (chuckles), a tooth ache has been a situation not that easy to deal with.

Believe it or not, I´m a patient myself (I’m Dr. Camilo Aguirre), dentist from Universidad de Antioquia  and I’ve been laying down in that dental chair looking at the ceiling and wandering: how’s this gonna go?

We believe that the wellbeing of our patients will mean the wellbeing of ourselves. It´s that simple.

Dental Medellin dentist, english speaking dentist medellin colombia
Dental Medellin dentist, english speaking dentist medellin colombia













Why should you choose us?

  1. Top University training.
  2. Patient based philosophy. This means to practice sensibility in every procedure carried out.
  3. Great value (means we price our service lower than most professionals in our category, but offer more comfort and excellent equipment and resources)
  4. Countless patients, countless patients and countless hours of learning and feeding back has truly paid off.
  5. Cultural knowledge. We´ve had the privilege of serving people from such diverse backgrounds as a Canadian minister, an Italian business woman or a New Yorker corporate consultant.
  6. Yes, we speak English. English speaking dentist in Medellin Colombia?
  7. We´ll squeeze you in. In a hurry for a dental treatment? No problem, we will move things around to make an opening for you so, no worries.
  8. There’s a couple more reasons to choose dental Medellin Dr. camilo Aguirre but then you’ll think I’m just bragging, so let’s leave it at that.

Find out about the possible alternatives to solve your oral health needs. Ask for a free consultation and get to know us.

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metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia



Para ver coronas dentales en Porcelana zirconio Medellín en español– aquí: 

metal free porcelain dental crown, dental crown medellin colombia
metal free porcelain dental crown, dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crown what’s a dental crown.

A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic tooth made in a biocompatible material like metal alloy, porcelain (ceramic materials) or even gold.

Today modern dentistry can offer patients benefits not possible to achieve in dental crowns  a couple of decades ago. New ceramic materials like in zircon and zirconia provides the physical properties along with esthetic results that guarantees the necessary strength, resistance and natural look patients and dentist seek for in a dental restoration like dental crowns that resembles the tooth crown in all its features.

New ceramic materials allow us to create dental crowns that are the closest to a real tooth in terms of esthetics.  So much that a high quality dental crown made in all ceramic material, can be hard to tell from a natural tooth. That’s one of the best compliments that I as a dentist can receive.

metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia
metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crowns are the specialty of dentists specialized in ORAL REHABILITATION, the area of dentistry dedicated to restore the integrity of oral tissues. Oral rehabilitation has come a long way in dental reconstruction by developing materials and techniques as ceramic crowns to achieve the goals of modern dentistry

The most common alternative used for many years in most dental offices has been the ceramic fused to metal crown. The main advantage of a ceramic dental crown is its optical physical property of being translucent, meaning light can pass through like it happens in natural teeth, providing an appearance much closer to that of a natural tooth, and a more aesthetic final result.

Odontología en Medellín coronas dentales porcelana Zirconio sin metal Medellín, aquí: >

The new zirconium metal free dental crown does not expose the dark collar next to the gum line that often appears in porcelain fused to metal crowns, which is of course another advantage.

Since  Metal free porcelain dental crowns containing no metal in its structure, metal allergies aren’t a concern with zirconium dental crowns.

In the more widely used dental crowns, the porcelain fused to metal type of dental crowns, a porcelain layer on the outside covers the  metal alloy that lies on the inside..

In this type of dental crowns it is difficult to achieve the translucent look of natural teeth, so appearance although close in color, may be rather opaque.

Some of the top metal free porcelain materials used in dental crowns:


This porcelain is very strong enough and universally recommended for replacement of old dental crowns and large silver fillings for molars or back teeth. High strength level and excellent esthetic properties.


The Lava  type ceramic for dental crowns provides increased strength to pressure and abrasion  for a lasting dental crown, excellent adjustment,  and  outstanding aesthetics.  Lava restorations are backed by a warranty.

Zircon or Zirconia dental crowns

Zircon can be described as synthetic diamond. Zirconia ceramic is a material with exceptional rigidity that enables dentists to create large restorations with extraordinary mechanical properties.

Zircon or Zirconia ceramic dental crowns allow us to create full ceramic dental crowns and bridges without metal underlying reinforcement, so aesthetic results are excellent and restores the appearance of natural teeth.


Empress ceramic for dental crowns has been  long tested as a material to build full ceramic metal free dental restorations like inlays, onlays (filling type restorations on molars),  and veneers (front teeth cover  esthetic restorations).

A great alternative for metal free dental restorations, IPS Empress has shown high performance results for posterior restorations, anterior teeth covers with high aesthetics, natural looking restorations and porcelain dental crowns.

Bonded ceramic restorative materials are intended to restore function, shape, contour and color with the physical properties of natural light and strength of natural dentition.

Empress ceramics are excellent for metal free dental crowns, but are even more effective when used for other types of restorations like inlays / onlays and veneers.

Price of porcelain dental crowns. What’s the cost of metal free ceramic dental crowns.

There’s a difference in price when we compare porcelain fused to metal dental crowns and metal free porcelain dental crowns.

The price difference depends on the specific type of metal free porcelain dental crown but, a fairly close approximation may be of about 45 to 70% more for the metal free porcelain dental crown.

In the US typically a ceramic metal free dental crown in one of the above described materials ranges from $1200 to $2300.

Dental Medellin is specialist in dental oral rehabilitation. Cost of metal free ceramic dental crowns in Dental Medellin is guaranteed to be the best benefit/cost for our patients.

Contact us and get a free consultation, honest professional assessment and advise:



dental bridge crown, medellin colombia dentist crown bridge


Para puente y coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: > 

dental bridge crown, medellin colombia dentist crown bridge
dental bridge crown, medellin colombia dentist crown bridge

What’s a dental bridge

Dental bridge is a rigid structure consisting of a series of dental crowns in a sequence resembling that of the natural teeth. In dental bridge design we can distinguish two different situations:

  1. When we face the problem of replacing missing teeth. We may need to replace one or more missing teeth in a segment, but have teeth remaining on both sides of the space left by the missing teeth.
  2. When we have the natural teeth but their integrity has been compromised by different factors.

When we have the second situation, where several adjacent teeth need to be treated, due to fracture, chips, decay, deterred restorations, or abrasion, we have the option of designing a dental bridge to be placed over all the teeth involved, restoring their shape, size, integrity, function and esthetics.

Para coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: > 

Another case where we can choose a dental bridge presents when a tooth needs to be replaced, either the tooth is missing or it is present but compromised beyond the possibility of resolution for a pathology of the surrounding bone tissue, root fracture, or damage occurred within the pulp tissue of the tooth that can’t be managed through a root canal treatment, among other problems.

If the tooth´s prognosis leads to extraction, and it is not possible to place a dental implant, then we have the option to consider to use a dental bridge to replace the extracted tooth.  This new tooth which will be a dental porcelain crown will be supported by the two adjacent teeth, one on each side.

dental crowns Medellin english speaking dentist medellin
dental crowns Medellin english speaking dentist medellin


A dental bridge used in this situation will be the second option if conditions for a dental implant are favorable. The downside to this alternative is that two teeth must be prepared to serve as pillars for the replacing crown. On the other hand, the positive aspects are important: esthetic results can be excellent, the structure will be perfectly functional, time of treatment process is significantly less, and costs will be also much lower.

How does a dental bridge works.

Teeth that will serve as pillars to support the missing tooth (teeth) are prepared by removing an external layer of dental tissue in order to give room for the crown that will be fitted on it. This procedure must follow a specific shape in the design to achieve the most accurate adaptation of the dental bridge to the margins of the gum line and the tooth root/crown contour.

After we have prepared the pillar teeth on both sides of the space left by the missing tooth, a dental impression is taken to copy the exact details of the dental and gum anatomy to proceed with the design of a structure that will fit restoring the complete shape, function and esthetic characteristics of the dental arch.

The impression is sent to the dental technician to construct the dental bridge on two or three phases.  The dental bridge constructed to replace the missing teeth, is placed in the space where we find missing teeth, and supported by the adjacent remaining teeth.

The dental bridge is placed and permanently bonded to the pillar teeth by a dental cement. The dental bridge is now part of your denture, so hygiene must be very meticulous to maintain it in the best condition.

Para coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: > 

Treatment steps in dental bridge

The time required to complete a dental crown or bridge is about 5 days for a simple crown to two weeks for a dental bridge, depending on the individual circumstances and conditions.

In our dental practice we rely on a top quality laboratory so the completion time of a dental bridge treatment can be done in minimum time of four days for a single crown and 7 to 12 days for a fixed dental bridge consisting of several teeth.

The process consists of several steps:

The first step to determine the need for a dental bridge as a solution for a patient is to a detailed clinical examination including x rays or the area.

In dental Medellin We believe that the decision for a dental treatment must be the agreed result of a close understanding by the patient as a person with specific needs, of the implications, the conditions and all the possible options applicable to each individual case.

Preparation of the involved teeth with local anesthesia (May I add carefully applied), guaranteeing the dental procedure will be absolutely painless.

The tooth is then prepared to fit the dental crown as part of the dental bridge that we will design.

Dental impression. We then proceed to take a mold with the imprint, a detailed copy of the prepared teeth and surrounding area are using a silicon putty contained in a metal tray.  This impression is sent out to the dental laboratory for the technician to design and create the individual dental bridge with the needed characteristics to fill the gap left by the missing teeth.

The prepared teeth are then covered and protected by a temporary crown in acrylic, for the days the process takes; this way we cover the esthetic need for the time, and allow for their easy removal during the tests carried out in a following appointment, to ensure the accurate adjustment of the structure until it is finished.

The internal structure of the crown or fixed dental bridge is tried to ensure accurate fit and adaptation to the tissues.

We then determine the closest shade of the natural teeth to make the dental bridge match as close as possible the appearance of the surrounding natural teeth to select the porcelain used to create the dental crown or dental bridge.

The final test is done in mouth, checking out occlusion or biting contacts to make the proper adjustments.

Finally, the dental crown or dental bridge is seat and permanently bonded to the prepared teeth, using a dental cementing material.

The dental rehabilitation with permanent dental crowns or fixed porcelain dental bridges can offer patients a natural aesthetic appearance and normal function.

How long does a dental bridge last

A dental crown or dental bridge constructed with the high quality latest porcelain materials of today, when correctly designed, built and adjusted can last decades.

An essential factor to determine the good condition of the dental bridge over time is hygiene. A conscious oral hygiene routine is mandatory to keep the gum, bone and tooth tissues healthy guaranteeing the solidness of the base for the dental bridge and crowns.

Dental Medellin Dr. Camilo Aguirre has provided high quality, patient based dental care for 20 years to patients in Colombia coming from many different countries in the world.

Dr. Camilo Aguirre is graduate from Universidad de Antioquia, one of the foremost Universities in Latin America, with worldwide prestige especially in health sciences with dozens of developments in medicine and other fields.

Dr. Camilo Aguirre is a specialist in oral rehabilitation with post graduate education in the United States, Dental school University professor but above all, a committed professional.

For a free consultation and honest professional opinion, you can contact Dental Medellin’s Dr. Camilo Aguirre right here: 

Para coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: >