Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia

Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia

Oral rehabilitation – Restorative dentistry Medellin Colombia

Oral rehabilitation, full mouth restoration

Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia
Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia









Oral rehabilitation” is an area in medical sciences, specifically applied to the specialty in dental field to include several levels of oral care or treatment.

In the last decade we have had a surge in the demand for dental care in Medellín Colombia. The country with leading cities Bogotá and Medellín, are recognized  as centers of gorundbreaking developments in the meddical sciences. Visitors in increasing numbers are seaking  dental care in Medellín. Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia

Some people talk about restorative dentistry when referring to oral rehabilitation.

Dentists use techniques of oral rehabilitation or restorative dentistry  to restore the integrity of teeth.   However, when only the damaged teeth in any mouth are restored, that too could be defined as an oral rehabilitation. The advent of esthetic dentistry has encouraged oral rehabilitation for esthetic reasons only. We believe that such restorative dentistry, as part of oral rehabilitations should be preceded by thorough informed consent and education about other, more conservative, treatment alternatives.

Oral Rehabilitation or restorative dentistry refers to restoring the natural dentition, integrating several dental specialties, mostly prosthodontics but also periodontics, Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry.

The objective of oral rehabilitation or restorative dentistry is to achieve the closest to optimal conditions in terms of function, anatomy, comfort and esthetics.

Patients should be thoroughly informed of all possible alternatives of treatment to make the best choice in regard to the dental care they are about to receive. In many cases, large scale dental processes in oral rehabilitation are not required, and may require frequent re-treatment at significant cost. Qualified specialists, experienced dentists with a deep understanding of the biological, mechanical, and scientific concepts involved, must offer the patient the information about treatment implications, levels of oral rehabilitation -. restorative dentistry and costs.

Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia
Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia

Oral rehabilitation or restorative dentistry treat specific teeth, or even the entire dentition to restore function and aesthetics, as close to natural healthy teeth.

At Dental Medellin we employ techniques and procedures of modern dentistry for restorative dentistry, such as crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures, adhesive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, and others to treat dental problems in adults.

Teeth damage can be caused by pathological wear, extreme teeth grinding, old faulty restorations, dental bacterial decay, deterred aesthetics, improper previous treatment, miss alignment

Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia
Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia, affordable quality dental care Medellin Colombia

Restorative dentistry  also aims to achieve correct teeth contacts, giving balance to a patient’s bite.. A full oral rehabilitation can correct the height and shape of all your teeth to restore proper function.

Dental Medellín Dr. Camilo Aguirre

Specialists in restorative dentistry in Medellin Colombia.

Dental Medellín Dr. Camilo Aguirre has been a provider of quality dental services for adults and restorative dentistry for hundreds of patients from many different countries in nearly two decades of dental practice in Medellín Colombia.


Quality dental care Recommended dentist in Medellin Colombia.

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Odontología en Medellín la mejor opción,  reconstrucción dental Medellín prótesis dental  implantes Medellín: 


metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia



Para ver coronas dentales en Porcelana zirconio Medellín en español– aquí: 

metal free porcelain dental crown, dental crown medellin colombia
metal free porcelain dental crown, dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crown what’s a dental crown.

A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic tooth made in a biocompatible material like metal alloy, porcelain (ceramic materials) or even gold.

Today modern dentistry can offer patients benefits not possible to achieve in dental crowns  a couple of decades ago. New ceramic materials like in zircon and zirconia provides the physical properties along with esthetic results that guarantees the necessary strength, resistance and natural look patients and dentist seek for in a dental restoration like dental crowns that resembles the tooth crown in all its features.

New ceramic materials allow us to create dental crowns that are the closest to a real tooth in terms of esthetics.  So much that a high quality dental crown made in all ceramic material, can be hard to tell from a natural tooth. That’s one of the best compliments that I as a dentist can receive.

metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia
metal free porcelain dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crowns are the specialty of dentists specialized in ORAL REHABILITATION, the area of dentistry dedicated to restore the integrity of oral tissues. Oral rehabilitation has come a long way in dental reconstruction by developing materials and techniques as ceramic crowns to achieve the goals of modern dentistry

The most common alternative used for many years in most dental offices has been the ceramic fused to metal crown. The main advantage of a ceramic dental crown is its optical physical property of being translucent, meaning light can pass through like it happens in natural teeth, providing an appearance much closer to that of a natural tooth, and a more aesthetic final result.

Odontología en Medellín coronas dentales porcelana Zirconio sin metal Medellín, aquí: >

The new zirconium metal free dental crown does not expose the dark collar next to the gum line that often appears in porcelain fused to metal crowns, which is of course another advantage.

Since  Metal free porcelain dental crowns containing no metal in its structure, metal allergies aren’t a concern with zirconium dental crowns.

In the more widely used dental crowns, the porcelain fused to metal type of dental crowns, a porcelain layer on the outside covers the  metal alloy that lies on the inside..

In this type of dental crowns it is difficult to achieve the translucent look of natural teeth, so appearance although close in color, may be rather opaque.

Some of the top metal free porcelain materials used in dental crowns:


This porcelain is very strong enough and universally recommended for replacement of old dental crowns and large silver fillings for molars or back teeth. High strength level and excellent esthetic properties.


The Lava  type ceramic for dental crowns provides increased strength to pressure and abrasion  for a lasting dental crown, excellent adjustment,  and  outstanding aesthetics.  Lava restorations are backed by a warranty.

Zircon or Zirconia dental crowns

Zircon can be described as synthetic diamond. Zirconia ceramic is a material with exceptional rigidity that enables dentists to create large restorations with extraordinary mechanical properties.

Zircon or Zirconia ceramic dental crowns allow us to create full ceramic dental crowns and bridges without metal underlying reinforcement, so aesthetic results are excellent and restores the appearance of natural teeth.


Empress ceramic for dental crowns has been  long tested as a material to build full ceramic metal free dental restorations like inlays, onlays (filling type restorations on molars),  and veneers (front teeth cover  esthetic restorations).

A great alternative for metal free dental restorations, IPS Empress has shown high performance results for posterior restorations, anterior teeth covers with high aesthetics, natural looking restorations and porcelain dental crowns.

Bonded ceramic restorative materials are intended to restore function, shape, contour and color with the physical properties of natural light and strength of natural dentition.

Empress ceramics are excellent for metal free dental crowns, but are even more effective when used for other types of restorations like inlays / onlays and veneers.

Price of porcelain dental crowns. What’s the cost of metal free ceramic dental crowns.

There’s a difference in price when we compare porcelain fused to metal dental crowns and metal free porcelain dental crowns.

The price difference depends on the specific type of metal free porcelain dental crown but, a fairly close approximation may be of about 45 to 70% more for the metal free porcelain dental crown.

In the US typically a ceramic metal free dental crown in one of the above described materials ranges from $1200 to $2300.

Dental Medellin is specialist in dental oral rehabilitation. Cost of metal free ceramic dental crowns in Dental Medellin is guaranteed to be the best benefit/cost for our patients.

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Dental crown Medellin Colombia, dental-bridge medellin colombiadental crowns Medellin english speaking dentist medellin

Dental crown Medellin Colombia, tooth crown Medellin

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What is a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a custom-made structure that simulates a tooth in its shape, color and size. A dental crown is placed on the existing natural tooth after it’s been prepared and strengthen to replace the natural tooth crown.

If the root of the tooth is healthy and strong enough it can be used to seat the dental crown on and bond it to it with a dental cement, resembling in everything the original tooth.

Dental crowns are the best choice in many cases when the natural tooth has been weakened beyond the possibility to be restored with bonding materials, and is no longer structurally fit to endure the forces and work required in everyday function. The structural damage of teeth  can be as a result of, tooth decay, trauma,  root canal treatment performed on the tooth,  wear  by abrasion caused by bruxism or over biting of the dental tissue.

Para coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: > 

Dental crown Medellin Colombia
dental crown medellin colombia

Dental crowns are used to bring back to the tooth or a segment of the denture the necessary strength, esthetics, durability and tooth stability.

There are also esthetic considerations to select dental crowns as the option to restore the natural appearance of a tooth damaged in different ways.

Dental crowns are often required when a tooth has been extracted and the missing tooth must be replaced to fill the space replacing the tooth, this time in a dental bridge consisting of the tooth crown to be replaced and attaching crowns that fit in the adjacent teeth to hold it. We talk in detail about dental bridges in other articles.

A dental crown can also be used as an esthetic solution to improve the appearance of the front teeth, the more esthetic sensitive segment of the mouth to achieve the natural smile effect desired.

Dental crowns can also be a suitable solution when treating chipped or broken teeth, stained, pathologically pigmented teeth, discolored teeth or to mold the shape of a tooth that has suffered strong abrasion.

Dental crowns are constructed individually for each patient to fit its characteristics, and built to reconstruct the appearance and form of existing teeth.

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Medellin dentist restorative dentistry in Medellin

The Dental Experience YOU want

diseño de sonrisa medellin colombia
diseño de sonrisa Medellin Colombia

Quality dental care can be affordable.  Save Money on Dental Care Medellin

We are hardworking people just as you are. As dentists working with communities for 20 years we are clear that today is mandatory to offer excellent quality dental services at affordable prices.

Together we will find the best options to meet all your oral health needs (and wants) within your budget.

We have put together a comprehensive portfolio of dental services in a comfortable environment with our patients in mind as priority; after all, a happy patient keeps a happy dentist.

We strive to make it easy for you to get your dental problems solved while walking out with a smile. After a thorough examination we sit and  discuss all details and choose together the best options,  viable dental plans, affordable payments, and any possible concerns.

Pain-Free Gentle Dentistry Medellin

We want to change the dental experience. Medellin dental care is aimed at creating a more relaxed dental experience, where our patients can be free of stress, anxiety and pain.  We offer sedation dentistry, pain free dental procedures, Oral sedation is the use of anti-anxiety medication that helps relieve angst, fear and phobias prior to a dental visit or procedure. In Medellin dental we also use Nitrous oxide sedation which achieves a sedated state without losing consciousness.

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