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Testimonials Dental Medellin A big thank you to evryone  who chose us and were so kind to send us their testimonials about their experience with Dental Medellín and the team of Dr. Camilo Aguirre, Dr. Jaime Posso, Dr. Omar Perlacia and Dra. Isabel Cataño. "Dr. Camilo gave me very thorough information to arrive to the best treatment plan for me. Then we undertook the process and he always was gentle and caring. Everything was done very professionally." Gerald Bukowsky. Lake Villa, Illinois, US "Why do I recommend Dental Medellín and Dr. Camilo Aguirre: If someone like me, who alwa...

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English speaking dentist Medellín Colombia Dental Medellín Dr. camilo Aguirre english speaking dentist Medellín Colombia. Dr. Camilo Aguirre specialist in oral rehabilitation for adults from Universidad de Antioquia, top latin Américan University, pioneer and leader in health care sciences. Our philosophy is built on the basis that patient’s needs, and we mean a person with their own personality, concerns, feelings and beliefs, are the purpose of what we do. Dental care is a sensitive issue for many people. We are aware that for the most of the human race, from the days of Adam an...

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Dental crown Medellín Colombia. dental crown options and costs (more…)

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DENTAL BRIDGE MEDELLIN, CROWN AND DENTAL BRIDGE Para puente y coronas dentales en porcelana Medellín en español aqui: >  What’s a dental bridge Dental bridge is a rigid structure consisting of a series of dental crowns in a sequence resembling that of the natural teeth. In dental bridge design we can distinguish two different situations: When we face the problem of replacing missing teeth. We may need to replace one or more missing teeth in a segment, but have teeth remaining on both sides of the space left by the missing teeth. When we have the natural teeth but their i...