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A big thank you to evryone  who chose us and were so kind to send us their testimonials about their experience with Dental Medellín and the team of Dr. Camilo Aguirre, Dr. Jaime Posso, Dr. Omar Perlacia and Dra. Isabel Cataño.

Gerald Bukowsky. Lake Villa, Illinois, US

“Why do I recommend Dental Medellín and Dr. Camilo Aguirre: If someone like me, who always dreaded going to the dentist felt comfortable and confident during the sessions we had to get my teeth fixed, I think anybody can find out that the dental work can be turned into a positive experience”.

Aleta Wilson. Missouri, US

“I had a tooth treated in the US for an abcess, they did a root canal but it always came back worse. Someone recommended Dr. Camilo so I went to see him. He was very nice and patiently cleaned the root canals again and did the root canal  again. Since then the problem disapeared and my tooth is finally healthy. I wish I had found him long ago.”

Gustavo Garcia, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, US

“I had some old crowns I felt really bad about, done a few years  back home in Boston; also some broken fillings and missing teeth. I friend of mine talked to me about how he had his teeth fixed in Medellin by Dr. Aguirre. After a few months I figured I could take a vacation, go check the town and have my teeth done. First I have to say I was impressed by the pleasant environment, the friendly staff, and the professional manner they conducted every step. I had the old bad crowns  changed for great looking zirconia crowns, new fillings, the whole works.  I’m very happy with the results and of course after the fact that I got it for a fraction of the price I’d pay in Boston, plus I had the chance to enjoy a couple weeks vacation in a nice city.”

William Howard, Boston, Ma, USA

“El Dr. Camilo siempre me ha tratado de una manera muy delicada y amable. Además el resultado logrado con el diseño de sonrisa ha sido excelente, me siento muy contenta.  Muy recomendado a cualquier persona que busque calidad, trato excelente y flexibilidad”.

María Teresa Pareja, Medellín, Colombia

All the “thank you” words go to all the new friends we have made throughout the years, whom we’ve had the privilege to serve, and who have given our life a greater purpose. Like celebrities say at every Grammy award ceremony: “this wouldn’t have been possible without all of them”.

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