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Where are we: You can find Dental Medellín Dr. Camilo Aguirre at Torre Médica Clofán Ciudad del Rio office 1705.

Restorative dentistry dentist Medellin Colombia
Restorative dentistry dentist Medellin Colombia

Dental Medellin is specialized dentistry for adults in Medellin.

Dental Medellin provides dental care to adult patients in our strategically located office at the heart of Ciudad del Rio in Medellín Colombia.

We offer dental care for adults in Medellin in our comfortable office at  affordable cost. For almost two decades we have been the choice of many visitors to out town, looking for  english speaking dentist in Medellin Colombia.

We specialize in  dental bridge treatment,  dental porcelain  crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, adhesive dentistry, endodontic also called root canal treatment, dental prosthetic treatment.


Dr. Camilo Aguirre is a graduated from prestigious Universidad de Antioquia under the deepest and  most comprehensive  program, with over two decades of experience and cotinuos training.
We are located at:  Palms Ave Mall , Centro Empresarial  Ciudad del Rio, Torre Médica Clofán (Clofán Medical Tower),  Office 1705,  Cr.48 – Ave. las Vegas #19A -40 Medellín Colombia.

Contact us through WhatsApp: (57) 300 700 8281.


Map from Google maps find dental Medellin:

Appointments can be scheduled over the internet through this contact form, or through Whatsapp: Whatsapp #: (57) 300.700. 8281    Dr. Camilo Aguirre

english dentist Medellin Colombia dental bridge

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