Quality dental care Medellin Colombia

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Dental Implants abroad. Latest Implant Technology.

For over 20 years Dental Medellín has been rated as top Quality dental care Medellin Colombia by hundreds of patients from all over the world.

Some data about Medellin Colombia medical / dental care:

From bioxcellerator.com:

Colombia, and more specifically Medellín, have become the epicenter of health, characterized by reasonable costs, a diversified portfolio of internationally recognized specialists, and high level and quality centers designed to ensure an exceptional experience.

According to the World Health organization Colombia’s healthcare system is ranked higher than many wealthier countries like the United States (#37), Germany (#25), Canada (#30) and Australia (#32).

In Colombia, it is possible to have access to world-class healthcare at a fraction of the cost compared to the healthcare costs in North America or Europe. Furthermore, the costs for healthcare in Colombia can be significantly lower than the costs found in the U.S.

We are Dental Medellin, our dentists, Dr. Camilo Aguirre oral rehabilitation specialist, professor at top dentistry faculties,  Dra Isabel Castaño,  and Dr. Omar Perlacia maxillofacial surgery specialist are a team of experienced professionals committed to providing you with the highest level of care possible.

Our 20 plus years of experience working with patient from many countries, have taught us a great deal about individual needs, concerns, fears and expectations.

Each person who comes to our office receives dental care based on ethic, professionalism, patience and dedication.

When you visit us at The Dental Office in Medellin, we focus on giving you the right professional treatment you really need.  Provide affordable quality dental care in Medellin is one of our goals.

If you are looking for an English speaking dentist in Medellin, or a Spanish speaking dentist, we work hard to provide you with a dental experience that is comfortable and pleasant.

Oral rehabilitation in plain words can be defined as the different procedures aimed to replace lost teeth.

The rehabilitation process includes a combination of restorative dental treatments, implant surgery, dental bridge, dental crowns, periodontal treatment, TMJ treatment, orthodontics, bruxism treatment, oral surgery,  cosmetic dentistry, and other specialized treatments.

Of course, the specific plan for each patient depends on their particular indivdual needs, current oral health, and other factors.

At dental Medellin we use different techniques to replace lost teeth, restore damaged teeth, improve dental aesthetics, treat oral pathologies and more to achieve a holistic state of oral health.

From the latest zirconia dental bridges and dental implants to root canal treatment, painless  tooth extractions, Dental Medellin team is prepared to offer the best quality attention.

Medellin Dentist Poblado

To learn more about Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable dentist Medellin and how we work to provide you with professional dental care, and schedule your next visit with Dr. Aguirre, we invite you to call or visit our office today.

Contact us WhatsApp (57) 300-700 8281 or Request Appointment!:


Dentist Medellin Colombia, Affordable Quality dental care Medellin

Quality dental care Medellin Colombia

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