Dental crowns cost Colombia

Dental crown porcelain zirconia Medellin
Dental crowns cost Colombia
Dental crowns cost Colombia
Dental crown before after
Dental crown before after

Dental crown porcelain zirconia Medellin

With the growth of the number of patients from abroad in our poractice we are addressig  questions  about this procedure:  dental crowns cost Colombia.

First it is necessary to consider that there are different materials available to create a dental crown.

Permanent dental crowns can be made of porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, or Litium disilicate Emax.

Dental Medellin offers the latest in dental crown technology.

Full Porcelain

For many years, full porcelain restorations have been considered the most lifelike and natural looking restorations available.

Porcelain crowns are an excellent option for  cosmetic result.

Porcelain also does not conduct heat and cold very efficiently, so sensitivity to hot and cold foods during the initial placement period is often reduced. However, full porcelain crowns are not always the best choice for some people.

Porcelain crowns can be strong and harder than tooth enamel, so it can be damaging to the opposing natural teeth especially in patients who clench and grind habitually.

Also porcelain can be brittle and fracture  when it is too thin or it is habitually flexed through the forces imposed by clenching and grinding.

Full porcelain crowns are best for Front teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia 

Zirconia is a white crystalline oxide made from the metal zirconium.

Zirconia has also been used for many years in the production of ceramics, including dental crowns and restorations.

Zirconia when used with porcelain froms an excellent algternative for strong dental crowns.

Zirconia is an excellent base to fuse porcelain to because the bonding process between the zirconia and  porcelain is stronger than that of porcelain and metal.

The porcelain layer is less likely to break from a zirconia base, constituing a great combination, very used today in our practice.

Zirconia can also be colored to match teeth and it is translucent, simulating the natural look of teeth far better than  crowns of porcelain fused to metal.

How do I know I need a dental crown?

When a tooth is broken, has extensive decay, or a defective filling, but still has a healthy root, it can be restored.

Many patients are worried about the cost, potential pain, and the time the treatment will take.

At Dental Medellin, Dr. Camilo Aguirre advices patients not to put off necessary dental procedures out of fear or uncertainty.

The problem gets more difficult and likely more expensive to solve with time.

A tooth subjected to extensive damage, not possible to be restored with a bonding technique,  will need to have a crown placed.

Crowns are also used following a root canal, when the tooth is cracked, when a cusp is broken, or when the tooth has a poor appearance.

Crowns are also placed on top of dental implants that are used to replace missing teeth or to provide stability to teeth that are loose.

Dental crown  procedure

Dental crown before after
Dental crown before after

The entire process for a dental crown typically takes two visits to the dentist’s office.

During the initial visit the tooth will be prepared for the crown.

The process starts with the strengthening of the remaining structure by applying filling material when the tooth has been fractured or broken.

Then the tooth will be shaped to have enough space for the crown.

Finally we take an impression of the prepared tooth and surrounding tissues to make a model for the lab to work on.

The crown will be created at a laboratory using the impressions and following the specifications we provide for the correct shade, shape and contacts.

While the final crown is being created, the patient will receive a temporary crown to provide protection for the prepared tooth.

Once the crown is ready, the patient will return to have the final crown placed.

How long does a dental crown last?

With proper care, the crown should last 15, 20 years or more.
Is a dental crown a painful procedure?  With the use of local anesthesia, is pain free.

Dental crowns cost Colombia

Inthe United states the cost of an all-porcelain dental crown can cost anywhere from $800 for a porcelain  crown to $3,000 per tooth for zirconia crowns.

The following is a description of dental crowns cost Colombia:

As an average a dental crown made in porcelain fused to metal (PFM) cost in Colombia $850.000 or around U$340.

Our cost at Dental Medellin is up to 40% lower: U$210 COP$690.000.

Cost of a Zirconia dental crown: Average in Colombia $1.000.000 or U$397. Cost of Zirconia dental crown at our Dental Medellin office: U$285

At Dental Medellin, we are dedicated to provide quality dental care over the principles of ethic, professionalism, and patient oriented service.

Our team of specialists  keeps up with the latest innovations and techniques in oral surgery, dental implantsdental bridge, cosmetic dental services, including veneers, teeth whitening, and other procedures to provide aesthetic improvement for patients.

Sedation is also available for our patients, to ensure a dental experience without fear and anxiety. 

Our entire team is committed to providing our patients from all over the world with gentle, friendly, and expert care.

Call today to learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment:

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Dental crowns cost Colombia

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