Top dental tourism destinations Medellin
Top dental tourism destinations Medellin

Dental Tourism top destinations for quality dental care while saving thousands on Dental Care.

Every year more and more people are traveling to countries abroad to receive different health care attention. There are several reasons for this ongoing trend, a trend that is only going stronger.

Patients are looking for quality medical care at more affordable costs. 

There is a traditional, poorly articulated notion that quality in medical / dental services is only available within the borders of the top economic powers in the world.                  

This perception has been gradually dispelled by the experience of patients who have chosen medical / dental tourism as their alternative to receive quality attention.

As a specialized health professional for the last 27 years I have worked with patients and professionals from many countries.                                          Also, being part of several medical research groups and projects, faculty member in one of the top Dentistry faculties I can safely say in the world,    I´ve had a first-hand sight of the quality, the highs and lows of health care services in the western world.

I have to say, after having worked with dentist from the USA, Europe and Colombia in Illinois USA and Colombia, we can assure without fear of being wrong that we have really excellent dentists here in Colombia;  top professionals in their specialties.

Is not a fluke that Colombia receives 26% more visitors each year from other countries, mainly United States, Canada, Spain, seeking advanced health care services.



Medical dental tourism best destinations Colombia
Medical dental tourism top destinations: Colombia

When working at the dental University faculty in Medellín Colombia we brought some prominent dental specialists in maxillofacial and oral surgery from The United States to take part in scientific symposiums.

We saw how impressed some these top dentists from the US were about the high level of our specialists.

Not only were they impressed by the level of advancement of the facilities, but with the scientific level of local specialists.

Most of the local specialists attending the events commented how all the techniques, research and what the invited called “new advancements” that they were supposed to bring to the symposiums we had been applying for years, so the invited specialists were actually the ones learning in the process.

Being quality equal, cost is the second factor for deciding about a dental health care provider, and in this regard, costs at a dental clinic in Colombia can save a patient thousands of dollars.

Patients from many countries travelling abroad for dental care have experienced the high quality of dental services and medical health care in general in Colombia.

You can find outstanding quality dental care in countries outside United States Canada or United Kingdom.

Dental care cost up to 70% lower for equal or superior quality.

It is necessary to go beyond the myths of medical / dental tourism and consider concrete facts about quality, safety, service and cost of medical / dental treatment in developed and developing countries. 

More sought after dental procedures abroad include dental implants, crowns, bridges, dental veneers, cosmetic dentistry.

Conduct a thorough search for the most trustworthy dental care provider abroad. You can get your needed specialized dental treatment in a very professional and efficient manner under a strict dental services policy.


On average costs for dental care in countries like Brazil, Croatia and Colombia are up to 70% lower than in the United States, Canada and England.

For advanced complex dental procedures like dental implants, prosthesis over implants, maxillofacial surgery, bone graft surgery, dental veneers, crowns and dental bridges among others, the savings can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Labor Cost

Labor cost represents up to 70% of the total of a dental treatment.

According to a recent study, Great Britain is the country with the highest costs of dental care. The study included the United States and eight other EU countries, including Great Britain, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Italy.

The study considered overall dental costs, labor costs charged by professionals and associated laboratory operators, some elements of major dental procedures, materials, time spent, medicines and dental radiology.

¿How safe is Dental Tourism?

Medical / Dental tourism has proved to offer safe destinations for many years.

There are a number of countries that are becoming stronger competitors as medical / dental care destinations in the world.

In the last decade the countries with the most growth in the medical tourism industry are Mexico, Croatia, Hungary, Colombia and Malaysia.

Old prejudices and events led many people to hold misconceptions about some countries without the benefit of a deeper scrutiny by the public about this places.

The social, political, economic and technological landscape have changed dramatically the reality of some countries in the last decades, bringing them to the forefront of world science, trade, and overall growth.

The most favored countries for dental tourism in Latin America are Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Brazil and Colombia have a long established reputation for advanced medical care, both with groundbreaking developments in organ transplants, plastic surgery, cardiology, ophthalmology and implantology.  

Some institutions in the United States and even the British General Dental Council is on the record as stating that the training of dentists in some countries abroad is often better than that of their British counterparts.

In the case of Australian patients, a frequently chosen destination is Malaysia. Within the E.U. the most visited countries by dental tourists are Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland and Turkey.

If you choose correctly a qualified professional in a city with all the latest technology, modern facilities, and convenience, you can be in the hands of some of the best dentists in the world.

You can get personalized attention in modern clinics in tourist-friendly cities.  With the information available online, it has never been easier and safer to find the right dental care experience you look for as the 1000’s of people already enjoying the benefits of dental treatment abroad each year.


First, to be objective in this matter, we have to acknowledge one fact: plainly disqualifying or praising medical care in a specific country without sufficient information lacks objectivity.

Also not all schools in a given country reach the same high standards in education, and this is true for any country. 

That is why we are going to refer here to well established Universities in Colombia in the main cities Bogotá and Medellin, this latest one a highly regarded city for its medical  services.

As a professor at different dental faculties, I have had the opportunity to be acquainted  in depth with several dental study programs from many countries.

What I found is, the program from Universidad de Antioquia was so comprehensive it was unparalleled by any other curricula from Universities in so called “first world countries”.

What makes the quality of health care and health care professionals in Medellin top notch?

  1. Training. The five year under graduate program at the University of Antioquia Dentistry Faculty comprised the most comprehensive curriculum compared to 20 different faculty curriculums from Europe and the United States.

The training at Universidad de Antioquia and CES University require under graduate students under the supervision of experienced professionals, to perform advanced medical procedures in patients, considered in many countries only the competence of specialists.

  1. Experience. Some of our fellow dentists and physicians working in Italy, United States, England, Germany and Spain among other countries are highly sought after and appreciated by institutions in those countries.

Surprisingly, graduated professionals in many “first world countries” have never performed direct medical / dental procedures on patients, but have only assisted teachers in doing so. The result is that graduate health professionals in these countries lack any real experience and skills necessary to carry health procedures adequately.

  1. Regulation and requirements by health authorities. Health administration agency in Medellin Colombia is one of the most rigorous and demanding in the world according to several audit studies carried by international health contractors.

Strict policy enforcing of technical, scientific, legal and procedural aspects of the health care practice are continually applied to providers in order to ensure the accomplishment  and control of high standards.

  1. Statistics.  The number of  foreigners visiting Medellin to receive health attention in different health specialties, mainly plastic surgery, dental care, ophthalmologic surgery,

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Isaps) has just revealed during its world congress in Miami the most recent figures on aesthetic procedures around the world, evidencing that in 2017 23 million were made.

  1. Colombia stood out as the fourth country where more cosmetic surgery procedures were performed worldwide, with a total of 346,140. The United States, Brazil and Mexico led the ranking.

Adding surgical procedures with aesthetic doctors, Colombia is in position number seven in the world, after the United States, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy and Germany, with a total of 516,930 procedures.

As for the most performed procedures worldwide, the number one was liposuction, followed by breast augmentation with prostheses, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks.

In Colombia the first and second place was also liposuction and breast augmentation, but in the third and fourth place were the abdominoplasty and gluteal lipo injection, with blepharoplasty in fifth place.

Colombia, in addition, is today responsible for 26 percent of the surgical procedures performed on patients outside their country of origin, data that show the growth of the so-called medical tourism.

The top 5 countries where procedures are most performed on foreign patients are Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Germany.

It should be noted that the data of the aesthetic / cosmetic surgery treatments without carried out in 2017 come from a questionnaire sent to more than 35,000 plastic surgeons affiliated with the Isaps, considered the world’s leading authority on cosmetic surgery.

  1. Medical facilities in Medellin are modern and up to date with every technological, convenience and service advancement. New facilities are being built every year, ensuring a positive experience in modern environments to all visitors.


Research facility University of Antioquia
Research facility University of Antioquia


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