porcelain dental crown


DENTAL CROWN 5 KEYS Dental crowns cost and advantages Medellin Colombia Dental crown 5 keys to know when you need them, how they are done, hpw much costs a dental crown. How do I know I need a dental crown? When a tooth is broken, has extensive decay, or a defective filling, but still has […]

Metal free porcelain dental crown, dental crown medellin colombia

CERAMIC OR METAL FREE DENTAL CROWN PORCELAIN ZIRCONIA METAL FREE DENTAL CROWN Para ver coronas dentales en Porcelana zirconio Medellín en español– aquí:  Dental crown what’s a dental crown. A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic tooth made in a biocompatible material like metal alloy, porcelain (ceramic materials) or even gold. Today modern dentistry can […]

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