Dental veeners Colombia medellin


Dental veeners Colombia medellin
Dental veneers Colombia medellin

Dental Veneers Perfect Smile

Here we address dental veneers use and cost, being dental veneers one of the dental procedures most performed in our dental practice daily for the last years.

Dental problems both structural and esthetic can be solved with dental veneers yielding perfectly aligned, even and white teeth, the perfect smile. Here is how can you achieve a perfect smile if you have chipped, stained or crooked teeth

We can restore damaged teeth and achieve natural looking new teeth and a perfect smile with the help of teeth veneers.

What are dental Veneers?

What are dental veneers, use and cost as an aesthetic dentistry prcedure performed in by a specialist with the latest techniques.

Veneers are thin, shell like cover made from composite or dental porcelain that are bonded to the surface of front teeth to restore or improve tooth shape, color and length. Unlike fillings, that are directly applied to your teeth, dental veneers are custom created in the dental laboratory and then bonded to the teeth.

When are dental Veneers used?

Dental Veneers are an excellent solution for correcting chipped, grinded or stained teeth.  Dental veneers can be applied to correct any of the following dental problems:

  • Chipped Teeth or fractured front teeth as long as the fracture does not take apart the tooth can be restored with Dental Veneers.
  • Discolored Teeth   veneers can be used to cosmetically restore teeth that have permanent developmental stains. These discolorations cannot be removed with a tooth whitening procedure, and the only option is to hide them with the help of veneers.
  • Crooked teeth crooked front teeth can be aligned by redesigning the contour of upper and lower front teeth with the use of dental veneers, correcting slanted, rotated, or crowded teeth.
  • Diastemas or gaps between adjacent Teeth when orthodontic treatment is not the chosen treatment, gaps between adjacent teeth can also be closed with the use of veneers.

Dental veneers as part of cosmetic dentistry should be practiced as conservatively as possible.

Currently, the use of adhesive technologies makes it possible to preserve more tooth structure while satisfying the patient’s needs and aesthetic expectations.

With dental veneers and the new materials we have available, together with advanced techniques we can offer most conservative treatment alternatives and better results.

Based on their biocompatibility, strength, durability, conservative preparation and aesthetics, dental veneers have been considered one of the most used aesthetic dentistry options.

Along the years in our daily practice with hundreds of patients we have experienced the progress in aesthetic dental veneers.

New dental veneers built with the latest ceramic materials and techniques have shown excellent clinical performance. Dental veneers today are one of the most predictable, most aesthetic, and least invasive treatment alternatives for dental aesthetic problems.

Now we have at our disposal excellent materials and techniques that provide us and our patients solutions to enhance their smile in a minimally invasive way.

During the last decade Porcelain veneers have been increasingly improved by more conservative therapeutic types of veneer restorations.

Ceramic veneers are considered the most effective option for a conservative aesthetic alternative for tooth discoloration, chipped teeth, crowded teeth, etc.


Porcelain veneers have proven to be a durable and aesthetic solution.    

In clinical studies we have follow up cases of dental veneers with over 15 years in place in excellent condition.

Some studies carried out by several research groups in different Universities have concluded that porcelain veneers done following the indicated protocols and proper conditions may last 20 years.                           


The clinical success we have experienced can be attributed to great attention to detail in a set of procedures, including planning the case, with the correct indication, conservative preparation of the teeth, proper selection of ceramics to use, proper selection of the materials and methods of cementation.


The eight cardinal rules for tooth porcelain veneer preparations are:

  1. The preparation should be as conservative as possible.
  2. It should allow for a covering of approximately 0.5 mm of porcelain without giving the tooth an overly thick appearance.
  3. It should not penetrate into dentin if at all possible, especially at the peripheries where leakage is most likely.
  4. It should allow for a cleansable gingival margin.
  5. It should not include any sharp internal angles, especially at the incisal edge where the stresses will be greatest.
  6. It should allow for a path of insertion of the veneer, which is free from undercuts.
  7. At least enough clearance must be present interproximally (the area between two adjacent teeth) to allow for a mylar strip to be placed between adjacent teeth during fusing.
  8. Any area of tooth which is visually accessible should be covered by porcelain.

The success of treatment with ceramic veneers can be assured when we as specialists follow a defined protocol with each patient to ensure that all factors such as smile design, margin placement, material and shade selection are considered.

Communication between our team and you as patient, but also with the laboratory technician is very important to ensure all the aspects and details of the process and desired results are taken care of.

Our long and deep experience in aesthetic dentistry, together with advances in ceramic materials and Veneering techniques allow us to restore function and esthetics using conservative and biologically sound methods as well as promoting long term oral health.

To know more about Dental Veneers as a solution for you contact us now:

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